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Having an issue with noisy neighbors? Need to effectively reduce airborne sound transmission? We offer sound proofing batts and retrofit insulation options for soundproofing.

STC (Sound Transmission Class)

Transmission loss (TL) begins when sound waves strike one side of a partition or assembly (for example, a wall, ceiling, or floor), causing it to vibrate. The vibration travels through the partition and produces a sound on the other side. Some of the vibration energy may be lost during the transmission, which results in TL. High TL means that less sound is produced on the other side of the partition. The STC rating is a single number rating of how well a building partition or assembly reduces airborne sounds transmission from one space to another, thus increasing TL. In short, STC measures how much sound is held inside the room, rather than being transferred to other rooms.

Benefits and Features of Cotton Armor

  • outstanding STC of 52 for R-13, STC of 53 for R-19 and STC of 54 for R-21 insulated walls
  • party wall STC ratings into the 60's
  • easy and fast installation / can be torn by hand and cut with a utility knife
  • properly sized for 16" and 24" o.c. residential and commercial framing
  • fast rebound for full thickness during and after installation
  • proprietary fiber structure reduces gaps, voids and compression once installed
  • for walls, ceilings and floors
  • environmentally-friendly, utilizes 85% or more recycled content and according to a recent life cycle analysis uses 54% less energy to produce than fiberglass manufacturing
  • excellent thermal resistance
  • superb sound deadening properties
  • Class A fire rated per ASTM E-84

Cotton Armor's naturally high STC, SAA and NRC ratings make it ideal for churches, hospitals, hotels, schools, theaters, offices, commercial, industrial and residential buildings in which sound control and the ability to hear others is critical for a balanced life.

Why we like it

Cotton insulation has long been one of the best acoustical insulators for office buildings and apartments. That's why Bosch uses it to make its dishwashers so quiet. Unlike fiberglass, UltraTouch doesn't lose R-value when damp or very cold. Our experience is that if and when it gets wet, it dries very quickly and does not mold or mildew.

Superior, healthy, recycled, natural-fiber insulation UltraTouch cotton insulation is a high-performance natural insulation that's Energy Star rated. Unlike fiberglass insulation, it doesn't lose its R-value when it gets cold outside or the insulation gets very damp. UltraTouch contains 90% post-consumer natural fibers made from recycled blue-jean denim. These cotton fibers provide extremely effective sound absorption and maximum thermal performance.

Cotton insulation is a Class A building product with a one-hour fire rating. This meets the highest ASTM residential and commercial testing standards for fire and smoke ratings, as well as for fungi resistance and corrosiveness. Moisture wicks out quickly and the added boric acid makes it mold and rodent-resistant. Unlike cellulose, cotton batts don't settle over time.

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