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Superior Home Insulation Inspection Check List

Contact us for a free inspection to find out what your homes insulation requirements are. After that we will give you a personalized quote tailored to your homes specific needs. There is no obligation at all. When you decide to have your home insulation work done, give us a call and we will schedule a date at your convenience!

During our free inspection we determine:

• Access to and square footage of all attic area(s) that require insulation
• Recommended R Factors and observed limitations
• Type, condition, avg. depth and R-Factor of existing insulation
• IC rating of existing recessed light fixtures
• All heat clearance/stand-off requirements
• Air infiltration passages to the home
• Recommended NFA ventilation requirements and observed limitations
• Type, condition and NFA provided by existing ventilation system
• Recommended HVAC duct R Factors and observed limitations
• Type, condition, avg. height, and R-factor of existing HVAC Duct system
• Integrity of HVAC Duct connections
• Ceiling penetrations/Air infiltration passages into attic space
• If there are problems with condensation or mold within the attic space
• Solutions to remediate existing ice damming issues if present

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