Upgrading Existing Attic Insulation

Superior Home Insulation specializes in insulation upgrades for existing homes, as well as new insulation during the home construction process.

In most cases, cellulose can be added over existing insulation, increasing the R-value and energy efficiency. The current standard for attic insulation is R50, with many homeowners opting to upgrade even further for even better insulation.

Included with attic insulation is the installation of an attic access perimeter, to retain the additional insulation, as well as the insulation of the attic access lid. Some homes built prior to 1980 may also require the installation of insulation stops or baffles, to maintain soffit ventilation.

1 1/2 Storey Homes

Storey and a half homes, often built before 1960, pose a unique challenge. Their attic spaces include walls, sloped walls as well as flat attic spaces. As such, these homes often suffer from ice damming in the winter and extremely hot 2nd floor rooms in the summer. Superior Home Insulation uses a combination of Cellulose and Stabilized cellulose to insulate these spaces to effectively solve the aforementioned concerns.

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